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How Would You Like to Have Access To The Same Exact Training System That I Use With My Elite Level Baseball Players To Get Them To The Next Playing Level and Beyond…And Have This Information Available To You While Traveling for Baseball Throughout The Entire Year?? 

Well Here Is a Sneak Peak of The Program You Have Been Looking For...

Have you always known that there must be a far better way to help your young baseball player gain a competitive edge throughout the entire year without giving up any valuable playing time, but just didn’t think it was possible or that there was enough time? Well, finally there is a resource that will give you that very edge that you have been searching for…

Finally, Here’s a Comprehensive Training System for ANY Travel Baseball Player To Help IMPROVE Their Overall Baseball Playing Potential While Traveling, or During Any Season.
….Most Parents and Players understand the importance of off-the-field training to be successful in baseball, however most have NO Idea how to balance constant Travel Ball and Train the body throughout the year to help them become the BEST Baseball Player they can be. Any even if they did have some idea, most would not understand how to implement it throughout the season to keep the player not only safe, but consistently improve performance! 

A Real Competitive Advantage….

From: Keith Scott, MS, CSCS, ATC

Dear Travel Baseball Parent,

   Travel baseball can be very tough on everyone. Long drives, hotel rooms, eating on the run, and constant games and practices can prove to be very rough on the family and more so, on the player. Many players feel that the travel baseball season is all about playing and that there is really NO time for anything else, much less, strength training of any kind. However, I also receive constant inquiries from parents about programs that their players can do at different times of the year to either maintain or improve strength and physical ability. Most parents understand the importance of such training yet, most have little idea how to go about it, especially when engrossed in a long, and tough travel baseball season.

“It is Actually VERY Possible To Perform a Comprehensive, Progressive Physical Training Program DURING The Entire Travel Baseball Season And Get GREAT Results That The Player Will Benefit From Immediately!”
Real Results, Fast Results!! 
"In just three months of training with Keith Scott’s BASEBALL Training system, gave me more results than 9 total months training at school. It has increased my strength and speed while educating me about better eating options and safe training. It is truly the full baseball training experience. I recommend any serious middle school, high school and college baseball player to Keith and his Baseball Training Systems because I know the edge it has given me. I have witnessed what it has done for other players as well in such short time spans. It is very impressive. I owe a lot of my baseball success to Keith Scott!"

-Tyler V, College Baseball Player

Give your player ALL of the advantages that he needs to improve, excel and DOMINATE the competition and never be left behind again!! 
This System Will Allow The Player To: 
  • Get BASEBALL STRONG: Improve Physical Strength in every area, completely and safely!!
  • Dominate the competition and take steps to drastically improve hitting power, throwing velocity, base running speed, etc
  • Say “Goodbye” to missing any more playing time because of injury, pain, discomfort, dead-arm, physical fatigue, soreness, etc... The strength and mobility workouts will help to prevent any future physically issues from creeping up that keep the player out of the game.
  • Stop guessing what foods and drinks to have before, during and after baseball games. The eating and nutritional strategies will help steer you in the right direction so you know exactly how to plan out your nutrition.
  • Know EXACTLY how to perform each training exercise and drill with the video vault. No more guessing…You will be able to watch quick videos of every single exercise, and drill before ever getting to the field so you know exactly how to perform them properly.  
  • Increase mobility and flexibility at the same time you are improving strength. This program will ensure that the player is getting essential mobility and flexibility in the important areas of the body while also ensuring joint strength and stability. 
  • Are you worried that you will not have access to a gym, or a training area while traveling?? No worries. This program is set up to be done with minimal or no equipment inside any hotel room. Of course you can use a hotel gym if there is one available, but the program can be performed almost anywhere.  
As someone that has been training Elite Level Baseball Players for almost 25 years, I know what works and understand EXACTLY what a hungry player needs to do to perform at the highest level day in and day out. 

However, much like the parent and player, I too get frustrated at the almost immediate decline in strength, power, speed (just to mention a few) because many players seem to take every Summer “off” of training to compete in Travel Baseball. 

High Schools and College programs are looking for strong, powerful players. I have also talked with parents and players that felt like they needed to make a choice between playing travel ball or training to get stronger and faster. 

I always believed that BOTH could be done at the same time with great results. 
I was really Floored at the phone call I received almost a year ago…
 ...from a parent whose son was a longtime client of mine and was heartbroken that his son would have to quit training (after almost 6 years) because he would be playing travel baseball all Summer. 

There were numerous tournaments, showcases, practices, etc… and there was no way his son could do it all. His son was upset because since training, he put on almost 10 pounds of muscle, improved his running speed immensely, and his hitting power was improving almost daily. 

Now the player would have to give up those great results, and he knew how much he would decline physically by taking off the next few months of training.

He was worried that all of his gains would be lost and he would be a step behind. He also understood the importance of playing travel ball too. It was a very tough decision.
As much as I tried to explain to the parent that I could write him a program to take on the road with him and at the very least, his son would maintain most of what he had and could still play at the same time…there were more questions than I had time or the opportunity to answer in a quickly written strength program. 

“Where would he do the program?” “When would be the best time to train?” “Do we need weights, bands, etc…?” “Does he need a partner?” “What does he need to eat and when?” Etc… 

I was getting bombarded by questions and rightfully so. My “program” didn’t cover ¼ of what he was asking me. However,

I Realized That I Had ALREADY built a Comprehensive ELITE Baseball Developmental Program YEARS Ago…
I could replicate what we do in the gym and use our comprehensive Baseball Training program that “answered” ALL of the questions and all I had to do, is to modify it so ANY player could do it on the road, no matter what the situation, I would have a GREAT SYSTEM that would benefit any travel baseball player.

My system has helped produce some of the best power hitters in the area, top notch fielders and has also helped many area pitchers increase their throwing velocity greatly and gain D1 scholarships.
I immediately started cranking out programs and giving them to my players before they “hit the road” for their travel season. I was excited and juiced that I could give my guys a system that worked. My excitement was quickly muted however, once I started talking with the players and parents. 

I was rapidly finding out that not only were the players not completing the program, those that were, really didn’t like it. Parents were not feeling it either. What could be wrong? I knew it was a solid program. I knew I covered the essentials and I knew that if the program was followed the way it was written there would be a huge benefit to the player.

It wasn’t until I started taking the time to interview the players and parents about what they really wanted, and more so, what they could actually use on the road to be successful. 

I was giving them what they needed, but I realized that as good as the program was it was lacking in many areas and I didn’t take into account what the parent and player wanted in a program. I needed to re-think the project and that is exactly what I did!

"Improvement in Every Aspect of the Game!"
"Training with Keith’s Baseball Program improved all aspects of my game. I dropped my 60 yard dash time down 1.2 seconds and I now run a 6.7 sec dash. It changed me from a singles hitter to a power hitter without the sacrifice of consistency. I saw significant improvements not only in speed but in strength as well. The results were unbelievable. Keith knows training for baseball players to enhance their abilities."

-Zach H. College Baseball Player

I Finally Solved The Riddle!
I took me a while, but I finally realized that I couldn’t approach the travel ball player the same way I approached one of my athletes when they were training with me in the gym. 

While the base of the programming is solid, that wasn’t the problem. I needed to put myself in the parent and in the player’s shoes and understand that they needed a solution to an overall problem that most of them didn’t even know they had.

Traveling miles on the road, whether by car, van, bus or even airplane, jumping around to numerous hotels, getting up early and being asked to play (sometimes many) games of baseball, can be extremely stressful on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the player. 

Further, the player and parent does NOT have access to the things that they normally do at home. I needed to think about not only strength training but nutrition, meal planning, recovery, warm up, mobility, flexibility, etc… It was ALL important, but even more so on the road. 

Many of those aspects are taken for granted when the player is home because they are dealt with either at the gym or during normal practice times. Players have meals at home and access to nutrition. When on the road, most if not ALL of those things are just “skipped over” and never dealt with at all. It is a problem and one that I finally would be able to solve.

Building The Ultimate Travel Baseball Training System
While spending weeks “retooling” my system, making additions, tweaks and ultimately, changing it up for the better, I knew I had a great system. However, like before, I wanted to test it out first with some players and parents to make sure this system truly was the Ultimate Training System for Travel Baseball Players.
After spending almost 25 years working with baseball players from every level, background, ability, etc… I really believed that I had the experience to produce great programs…after all, the proof was right in front of me at my gym every day!

I needed this program to be special. After all, I would not be there with the player…he would need to be able to follow the program on his own and progress with it while still playing at a high level. On the road, this is no easy task. I wanted to make sure it worked!!

After testing it out with some players and parents, the feedback was awesome. They loved it. I knew I had something good, and I knew it would work…for some players. However, that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted a program that would work for EVERYONE.

Getting even the MOST unmotivated player to at the very least, try out my program and find fast success was my goal. There aren’t many programs out there (even in gyms with good coaches and trainers) that can get the most unmotivated kid and get fast results in some fashion.

I knew that once I was able to get the “Chronically Unmotivated Kid” to try out a program that would help him see and feel immediate results (on the field) in some form or fashion, I would have the most unique program out there. And I really believe that I do.

Building The COMPLETE Baseball Player from Top to Bottom…Physically and Mentally and doing it throughout the ENTIRE Travel Baseball Season…and Still Playing at the Highest Level and Improving Every day! 
I understand where you are as a player and more so as a baseball parent. I get it…Your son is talented. Some more talented than others and some, with the right push can really make a splash in the baseball world. I know that you know with the right coaching, the right team, the right instructors and the right training program it will make all the difference in the world.

Your son has most of the coaching and playing opportunities and has been playing at a high level for many years…he just needs a little extra, a push…an edge to crush his competition and make it to the next level. 

Even if you don’t feel your son is a “prospect” on any level, you want him to really enjoy playing and have the best opportunities that you can possibly give him.
There is also the possibility that you have searched for programs online and have come up with some good ones that cover some things and some programs that miss a lot too. You are a good parent. You are always going to find any edge you can give to your son to help him be the best he can be…whatever that might wind up being.

This program is complete…Very complete! It is also simple… One of the things I needed to do with this kind of guide to make it successful is to make it easy to follow and simple to perform and I did just that. It is both complex in nature, but simple too.

"The "BEST" Decision that I ever made..."
"Implementing Keith’s Baseball Training Program was the best decision I have ever made as a baseball player. Workouts are simple, intense and get results! I never have had the energy I’ve had since following this program. I gained 6 solid pounds in 3 short months. In just a few weeks my flexibility, core, and body was in the best shape it has have ever been! I wake up every day while on his program with a pep in my step."

-Scott R. College Baseball Player

"I recommend ALL Serious Baseball Players follow This System! "
"Choosing to follow Keith’s Baseball Training Program has been the best investment of my baseball career. Training with Keith and following his programming both in and outside of the gym, helped me play at an ELITE Level. My 60 time dropped from 6.86 to 6.72. I also saw an extreme change in my game. The ball began to jump off my bat more than ever. I recommend all serious baseball players, follow Keith’s baseball training system..It is an investment that you won’t regret making."

-Vince C.
Division I College Baseball Player

A Complete, and Comprehensive Training System for the Travel Baseball Player…
This system has it all! It really does. I continued to add exercises, segments, and modules to this system each time I went back and revised it…and today, I am happy to say that it really does have it all. Everything a player (and parent) will need when traveling to ensure that their player is getting a good, quality training system, complete with everything!

Module 1: 16 Week Strength and Mobility Training Program.

This program is a complete strength training program with mobility exercises and drills included. The program is progressive and follows a time line to ensure proper progression and safety. The program can be done in a hotel room or even outside if needed. The Program comes complete with videos showing exactly how to perform each exercise and drill.

Module 2: Pre-Game and Practice Warm Up Plan complete with Videos of each exercise and drill,

 showing you exactly how to do each. Warming up is extremely important and over looked by so many coaches and players. This guide gives you a easy to follow plan that you can do every day before the game to get the body ready to perform at the highest level.

Module 3: A comprehensive Recovery Program

that explains the essentials of soft-tissue health and how to achieve fast recovery between practices and games so the player is 100% every day and his performance improves each time out. Pictures, descriptions and videos of exactly how to perform soft tissue work so you can achieve all of those benefits and become a master at taking care of yourself!

Module 4: Eating on The Road.
Packing the Cooler

Eating and nutrition guidelines and strategies to help ensure the player is eating the right things, at the right times and getting enough of what he needs while traveling. Strategies to help the parents, shop, prepare and ultimately give their player a nutritional advantage over the competition.

EXTRAS: The Ultimate Travel Baseball Private Facebook page

You will be able to connect and discuss the program and have access to “me” to ask questions or just talk “baseball” with like-minded people. I will be adding more content as we go as well. Articles, research, etc…
Having access like this can be priceless!

How The Ultimate Travel Baseball Training System is DIFFERENT Than Other Baseball Training Programs…
Other Programs:
  •  16 Weeks of Comprehensive, Easy to Follow Strength AND Mobility Programs 
  • Training Programs are 100% Specific to Baseball Players and Progressive in Nature
  • Programs can be done effectively inside of any hotel room or on the practice field
  • A On-Field Warm Up Plan is included that can be done before every game and practice to ensure that the player is 100% ready to go every time out!
  • Essential Recovery Program is part of the overall system giving players access to a plan that will help them be physically 100% each day 
  • Eating and Nutrition Strategies are included helping the player and parents plan way ahead of time to ensure proper nutrition is being practiced each day.  
  • Give the same weekly program to follow over and over again with no real progression
  • Many programs are generalized for anyone (baseball player or not) to follow and written by ppl with no real experience training baseball players
  • Programs need equipment and a gym handy to get them completed
  • No real mention of warming up before games and practices. Many programs don’t even mention warning up at all.
  • Other than a few stretching components, no real recovery system in place. Some have NO mention of how to recover.
  • Very few mention nutrition in any form and if they do, its just an example of an eating program they found on the internet.
"This System has put me in the BEST Condition of my Life!"
"I've been using Keith’s Baseball Training System for over a year now, and it has put me in the best shape of my life. When I first started , I was coming off an arm injury. I didn't know if I would get back physically to where I was before. Keith Scott’s program not only help me reach my goal but it also helped me pass it by getting me bigger, faster, and stronger than I ever was. I now have a Athletic scholarship to play baseball at a Division I college and I can't thank Keith enough. Keith’s Baseball Training Systems are the best around and you won’t be disappointed."

-Chris J, D1 College Baseball Player

The Ultimate
Travel Baseball Training System

16 Weeks of Progressive, Comprehensive STRENGTH and MOBILITY Workouts!

Simple to Follow and learn Pre-Game/Practice Warm-Up Plan.

Full Physical Recovery Guide and Plan.

Meal Planning and Nutritional strategies.

On-Field Strength, Power and Speed will Improve quickly, no matter what position throughout the entire travel season and beyond.

The player will be “Game Ready” during the first inning and have his body physically prepped to perform at the highest level.

Player will reap the benefits of daily recovery routines and exercises that will ensure a fresh, energized player without the nagging pain, soreness, and fatigue that so many players experience.

Parents and Players will have specific eating, and meal planning strategies for any travel scenario and will have peace of mind knowing that the proper nutrition is being consumed.

So by now you are probably wondering how much a program like this is going to cost, right?

I have charged baseball players anywhere from $80-$150 for just a one-month training program that only includes strength training and some mobility exercises. Many of those programs were generalized and not very specific to a travel ball player.

I have also charged an additional $50 plus for nutritional advice and meal planning strategy sessions.

Many parents and athletes hire me solely for my recovery and pain elimination programs, as well as my injury prevention programs and strategies. For these programs, I have charged upwards to $250 for a complete assessment and ongoing programming that included soft-tissue work and specific recovery plans for the player.

The Ultimate Travel Baseball Training Program has all of these “services” and more for a fraction of the price that I would have charged separately for all of the services combined. A parent or player would have to pay upwards to $700 for 16 weeks of programming that included everything that I am offering here!

For only $77 you will have complete access to the entire system that has given many elite baseball players their competitive edge and allowed them to play at the highest level, safely and effectively. It is also a system that you will have access to for your entire baseball career.

You have to decide right now, how important “Gaining That Edge” is to you or your player!

Is a system that helps the travel baseball player to train, at a high level, while still playing games, traveling, practicing, etc… and gaining that very edge you are looking for worth   $107   $77 to you?

  • It would be if you are tired of falling behind other players that always seem to have the special edge.
  • It would be if you have realized that there is a very small window of time to develop the physical tools needed to excel and make it to the next playing level.
  • It would be if you are frustrated with always losing the strength, mobility, power, etc… that you worked so hard for all year only to lose it in a few short months because you didn’t know how to train while you were playing travel ball!
  • It would be if you are annoyed with the pain, and injuries that always seem to creep up in the middle of the travel season cutting playing time down and ultimately keeping the player behind everyone else!

The Ultimate Travel Baseball Training System:   $107   $77 !!

Peace of Mind Knowing that you will never fall behind as a player again 

because you didn’t know what to do and how to do it! Priceless!

Click Below to Order Now! 
No Worries. You are PROTECTED By A 
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
There is absolutely no risk because you are protected by a full 60 day – 100% money back guarantee for every penny you have paid. That means if you go through the program and you are not COMPLETELY satisfied and happy for any reason, then just let me know, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. You can keep the system and the still enjoy the outstanding results.
Gain Complete Access to All of The:
  • Strength Training Programs
  • Mobility Training Programs
  • Complete Pre-Game/Practice Warm Up Routine
  • Recovery Strategies and Programs
  • Meal Planning and Nutritional Strategies
  • Instructional Videos and Pictures 
  • Private Facebook Page
  • And much more…
Go through it ALL and after all of that information if you still decide that this program is not for you, let me know and I’ll give you FULL refund, no questions asked!

I have ZERO problems offering this to everyone because I am 100% confident that you will love the program, see fast results and not find anything else like this available! Plus it has worked for so many other players with incredible success, so why not you??
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Your Training Coach and Friend,
-Keith Scott, MS, CSCS, ATC, PES
Creator of The Ultimate Travel Baseball Training System , All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2015. 

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